The One With Rachel Green’s Outfits

So no one told you life was gonna be this way….*clap clap clap clap clap!*

In honor of the 23rd anniversary of the show’s premiere on Sept 22, here’s a look at outfits from the sitcom that Rachel wore that are still just as chic as it was 23 years ago today. No matter what trend she was setting, what she’s wearing always looks good and her best outfits were classic and timeless.

Vintage Gingham

01 hadrea

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People thought her hair was the best thing about her, but they are all so wrong! Nobody wears vintage quite like Rachel Green does and boy does she look chic in Gingham! The check is as classic as polka dots or stripes and also perfect for an edgier style.

All about ’em ruffles!

04 valencia

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Whoever said ruffles are a thing of the past have no clue how it has made a major comeback in the latest trends today. Here we see yet another trendsetting piece that Rachel wore for her date night.

Modern day

02 berdine

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Rachel Green was nothing if not the most stylish and chic modern day woman in New York in the 90s. But here she is making a present day statement reminding us that we all need a pair of cropped pants and a chic pair of loafers in our wardrobes.

Basic sweater & jeans

03 louisa

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We all know that basics can never go wrong and Rachel knows it just as much as we do. There might just never be a season where you won’t see her not pairing a basic top with jeans.

It’s year 2017 and Rachel probably still influences what you wear each day in ways you don’t even realise and we have much to thank F.R.I.E.N.D.S. for that. Today, we celebrate the 23rd anniversary since the first premier of everybody’s all-time favourite sitcom. It truly is a real testament to the show’s cultural relevance that we can all still get behind and relate to.

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