Games to play this Lunar New Year

What to do this Lunar New Year

We’re heralding in the Lunar New Year next weekend and that means taking lots of OOTDs (in Fayth outfits, of course (; ) and eating yummeh goodies like pineapple tarts and bakwa. We all know that CNY means paying respect to relatives (some whom you only see once a year) and friends! However, it may be slightly difficult to break the ice with relatives whom you haven’t seen in forever…. We feel you. Hence, here at Fayth, we decided to compile a list of games that are going to help you break the ice and have serious bonding time (;

Your phone is probably best friend so what better way to entertain yourself than to download a couple (or a handful) of apps.


First up is Heads Up! – an app for the classic party favourite, charades. Gather your friends or family and have them download the game on their phone and start playing. What better way to get closer and pass the time than acting like a fool all in the name of fun?


Secondly, another favourite of ours, is Psych! In this game, you pit wits against wits by trying to better them in a contest of “who can fake it better”. Think of the best strategy to Outwit, Outplay, Outlast your peers! Plus, if it’s good enough for Ellen, it’s more than good for us!


Thirdly, download Spyfall for entertainment that takes a little more imagination and brain power. In this game, channel your inner James Bond as you and other players try to outsmart each other while trying to find the “spy” amongst you.

We had a lot of fun testing these games out and we hope you like them as much as we did! Now, let us know what’s your favourite CNY game? Comment below!

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