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The biggest trends this year…

Wait what? 9 months has just flew by like that. We thought it might be appropriate to take you through and recap the most popular street style trends in 2016 before the start of a new year.  Besides having an excuse to sift through a list of inspiring outfits, it is also interesting to know which trends you’ve participated in and those you haven’t. Read more to see and shop the list of the biggest trends this year so far.

1. Cold Shouldersf74bf786b7612d9740763d7007b2f246 copyNo matter your body type, showing off your shoulders (and collar bone) is universal flattering. Go for a dress when you’re feeling girly, opt for a jumpsuit for chic weekdays, or pair it with a flowy bottom for a relaxed

Rachelles Off Shoulder Dress | Camilie Off Shoulder Jumpsuit | Stirling One Shoulder Top

2. Denim Materialf74bf786b7612d9740763d7007b2f246Denim never goes out of trend. In fact, they are having a moment across the world. Deconstructed and reworked denim and the ‘in’ thing for hipsters. Have you own yourself any?blog

Yorkers Denim Dress | Boston Denim Shirt

3. Slidersf74bf786b7612d9740763d7007b2f246Trust us, they are a hit. Tested and proven, all our sliders were sold out during our launch. Highly versatile and easy to match, these sliders are also affordable.blogCoachella Sliders (Black) | Altas Marble Sliders | Coachella Sliders (White)

4. Cropped Flaresf74bf786b7612d9740763d7007b2f246Woman are in love with the cropped flare silhouette right now. Not only is it fantastic for shorter statures, it’s a great way to add proportion play to any outfit. Wear it alone or with a crop top to stand out and be unique.blogDakota Top | Elise Flutter Sleeve Top | Resort Striped Cami

Which of the following trends are you guilty of?

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