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Our clothes have been always associated with high-teas… and yes, we agree that they are meant for tea parties. Just a month ago, Fayth was invited for a high-tea tasting session at HOUSE. Before you scroll down and get tempted by the mouth-watering bites, here are some outfits inspiration we came up for you exclusively for high-teas:

1. Getting comfortableIMG_8307featuring upcoming Scotts Playsuit
2. Prim & ProperIMG_8305featuring upcoming Avery Dress, Blanc Messenger Bag
3. A little classyIMG_9917featuring upcoming Adela Choker Top, Harlequin Lace Up Heels

We’ve picked 3 outfits to showcase your mood for high-tea, it doesn’t always mean you have to dress like ‘tai-tais’ or be fanciful. Which one would you go for?

House At Dempsey

HOUSE,  located on the tranquil Dempsey Hill, is one of the most photogenic and popular high tea’s we’ve ever came across. It might have been the free flow of food, or the endless pots of tea; perhaps the fanciful decorations, or the way they display their food- but the high tea at HOUSE definitely felt special.

HOUSE revamped their high-tea menu just last year and the new menu features items from the theme ‘Edible Garden’. It is packed with House’s signature style of comfort food infused with the freshest herbs to heighten your taste sensations. Choose from over 30 new creations on the menu in rotation, diners can indulge in some 20 different varieties of delectable morsels, served buffet style, at every seating.DSC01241

There was a balance of savoury and sweets- and trust us, you won’t feel like a glutton on leaving. The high-tea begins with a savoury plate to awaken your taste buds, featuring:

1. A Spiced Beef Pie and Coriander Labneh featuring masala-spiced minced beef pie, yoghurt labneh, fresh laksa leaves and coriander.

2. Papadum & Ginger Butter Chicken with mango chutney, sawtooth coriander and coriander from the garden.

3. Grilled Pork Belly Wrap; mini wraps with 12-hour sous-vide pork belly in a fermented beancurd marinade, topped basil.

Other items includes mini beef sliders, Vietnamese spring rolls, DIY fruit and salad bar, and skinny pizzas! House even have a sandwich bar during high-tea where you could order 3 different types of sandwiches and they will make for you on the spot. Expect hot, fresh sandwiches upon ordering (yum!!)HOUSE HI-Tea2HOUSE HI-TeaWe totally love the pizzas that were served on skinny crusts that resembled a cross between a paper prata and naan bread. They cracked easily when held up, but were also very light and crunchy. The smoked salmon pizza was our favourite as the texture was soft and tender to the bite and blends well with the paper thin crust.

Another must-try item will be the Sauteed Mushroom Sandwich. You can taste the freshness of the different types of mushrooms- mainly button, shitake, and shimeji. You can even customize your own sandwiches by choosing the ingredients they provide! (Perfect for fussy eaters like us…)

Moving on… to the desserts, we’re a sucker for them.DSC01243The desserts section features:

A Berry Bundle Cake drizzled with fragrant lemon icing and a dash of thyme.

Curry Leaf Almond Brownie made from fried curry leaves, chopped up spice, with sugar, sea salt, and chili flakes.

Banana Cake Pot with a banana base, with coffee walnut soil and a basil herb planted in.

You would like a taste of everything because they look amazing. The best part is they come in small portions, so you will be able to savour each dessert without feeling so bloated.HOUSE HI-Tea3
The Curry Leaf Almond Brownie are to-die-for. We initially thought that the combination would be weird… but HOUSE’s brownies had proven us wrong. There is a rich taste of chocolate followed by a tinge of spiciness, we couldn’t stop going back for more.

Another dessert we recommend would be the Banana Cake Pot. We got to taste the swirls of caramelized banana puree infused with coffee and herb. It was moist and soft and wasn’t dry at all.

HOUSE HI-Tea4Among the 4 teas that were featured that day, our favourite will be the classic ginger tea. It cleanses our palette and we were up and ready to feast again! Did you also know ginger tea helps in relieving menstrual discomfort? So that next time you’re having cramps ladies… you know what to do 😉

Thank you once again Gwen and Janet of Spa Esprit Group for the enjoyable high-tea session! The food was fabulous, the servers were attentive, and the atmosphere was on point.

The high-tea session will be available every Thursday and Friday from 3-5:30pm at $30++ per pax. HOUSE is located at 8D Dempsey Road, S249672.

Exclusive to Fayth’s shoppers

Good things come in pairs. Hence, we are giving away 3 sets of high-tea session (for 2 pax) for you ladies to pamper yourselves. Here’s how you can win:

1. Like Fayth’s and House’s Facebook page.
2. Tag a friend you would like to bring along.
4. Winners to be selected and announced on 18 July, 12 00.

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