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A relative new player in the beauty industry, Dr Young is known for its renowned CC cream as well as other facial products. From a small start up in 2008, they have came a long way to introduce their products islandwide. This includes platforms like Sasa, John Little, BHG, and OG.


Dr Young believes skin rejuvenation elevates each female individual’s confidence and pride. For this reason, their products are pure cosmetics producing real changes and differences through verified ingredients and methods only.

Fayth is proud to announce that we will be giving out 3 different product samples for our next collection, this includes:

1. Anti-dryness Eye Gel
SK_DRYOU_00106Eye Gel is essential at enabling blood circulation around the eye area to reduce puffiness and dark eye circles. It acts as a wrinkle care eye gel cream by having Oat Protein, Rice Protein, Adenosine which supply nutrition and elasticity to around the eyes.

2. AC Out Spot Stop SerumSK_DRYOU_00201

The best savior if you’re looking for an immediate calming and soothing effect to your sudden breakouts. After absorbing nutrition, protect layer will be formed to hold nutrition in your skin. It is easy to bring and able to put upon your makeup.

3. Camellia Deep Cleansing Foamdr-young-8727-626583-1The Camellia Cleansing Foam has Rose Water, Lemon Water for moisturising effect and topping up with Camellia Flower Extract and other extracts for an extra skin radiance. It also helps to refresh skin, making it appear pure and bright.

Get your hands on these samples for the upcoming collection! Terms and conditions apply. For more information regarding Dr Young products, check out http://www.dr-young.com.sg/.

* Products featured are full sized. For illustration purposes only.

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  1. Samantha tay

    I want to try!

    1. Fayth

      Hello Samantha,
      It is limited only to the first 100 so be sure to check out before it goes OOS! 😉

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